BLUEY - Work Bandit (DAD) & Bingo - 2pk figurines - on clearance


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Bluey Work Bandit (DAD) & Bingo

  • Bring Bluey and her family into your own home with these adorable figure packs.
  • These packs come with fun accessories to dress up the characters and are themed around different Bluey episodes.
  • With the Work Bandit (Dad) & Bingo Theme Pack, it's a day of excitement and adventure when Bingo goes to work with her Dad Bandit. Wearing their security tags, Bingo is about to find out what Dad does at his workplace.
  • Children will love recreating Bluey's adventures from the Bluey TV show or creating new ones of their own with these fun-filled toys.
  • Compatible with other figures (sold seperately)

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