Bratz Dolls - 2021 original dolls - Rock Angelz Complete set of 5 (Cloe , Jade , Sasha , Yasmin , Roxxie )


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2/8/23 - We haven't had 1 of these full sets in a year, this one is the original release one, comes in the factory sealed carton. I am pritty confident to say it is the last one there would be in australia.


  • There has been talk of face mold disagreement with some collectors (although i hear australia's batch has been good). Please view the photo’s attached. If you have any doubts please do not buy these.
  • Jade we have noticed that the whites in the eyes are not even. We will not accept returns for this.
  • Minor aesthetics, a dot on the face etc, we will not accept returns for.

 Given the above we will not accept returns if your issue falls into the above category. If the dolls arrived with obvious bad shipping damage we will handle it.

  • Obviously if the doll is missing an arm, or a piece of clothing, please let us know.

I am sorry we have to lay the above out, we just need to be as transparent as possible .

If you have doubts please dont buy it. The demand for these is much much more then the supply so i am sure someone will be happy.

All the best, OzToyStore Management


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