Furby Connect - TEAL



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  • This Furby Connect features colorful LCD screen eyes 
    that display so many animations. Super-expressive 
    eyes help communicate what Furby wants to say, 
    which totally helps when Furby is speaking Furbish! 
    See how Furby moves and reacts! The eyes say it all, 
    but Furby says even more. 
    Introduce two Furby Connect friends, and they'll talk 
    and remember each other's name. With more than 
    1,000 phrases, plus fresh updates from the app, 
    Furby has a lot to talk about!
  • Does Furby need some beauty sleep? This Furby Connect friend comes 
          with a sleep mask. Just put the sleep mask on, and it's good night Furby! 
          To wake Furby up, r emove the sleep mask -- 
          Furby will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for more fun!
  • This Furby Connect friend expresses through more than 150 eye animations
  • Furby Connect World app will be available for download at the Amazon Appstore, App Store and Google Play. Supports specific Fire tablets, iOS and Android devices. Check Furby.com for more information.
  • Includes Furby Connect Friend, Sleep mask and instructions

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