L.O.L LOL Surprise - WINTER DISCO Fluffy Pets - 1 Doll - on clearance


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  • Unbox 9 surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! fluffy pets winter disco series.
  • L.O.L. Surprise! pets are now fluffy! Unbox the plush, stick-on fur to reveal your pet.
  • Fluff can be placed Back on in different designs to make pet fluffy again and again.
  • 9 surprises! (1) secret message, (2) bottle, (3) Brush, (4-5) hair clips, (6-7) accessories, (8) stick-on fluff, (9) pet.
  • Add water to ball and it becomes a colorful, sparkly snow globe.
  • Collect all in the winter disco series (dolls, pets, and lils) to build a glitter snow B.B
  • 18 to collect!!
  • We found as with the Lils they are much heavier then the previous series, as they come in the GLOBE which is super cool. 

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