LOL Surprise - 1 of LIVE PETS - BUNNY HUN, FUZZY FAN, HOOPS DOGG - Interactive pets with 60+ unique sounds


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  • Includes L.O.L Surprise! Interactive Live Surprise Pet that responds to touch & sounds.
  • 60+ unique sounds
  • 3 Interactive accessories.
  • it is a surprise, we realized we dont know which 1 of the 3 is in the live pet. So you will get either a BUNNY HUN, FUZZY FAN, HOOPS DOGG
  • Please note if you buy 3, we will give you a fresh box (they come in 3) unopened. So you should get 1 of each.
  • If you buy 2, we will open a fresh box and give you 2, so you should get different ones

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