DART ZONE - ADVENTURE FORCE - Titanium Blaster compatible with NERF RIVAL



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*****We Love NERF RIVAL, however Dartzone is increasing in popularity, due to the lower price entry, and the manufacturers designing the blasters from the feedback from the customers. These TITANIUM blasters have amazing reviews, and upon using one ourselves can see why. Love the pump action, easy to use, very little jams, and good value blaster. The FPS rivals that of nerf rival, and you save good $$ compared to a similar blaster. Highly recommend. Just check out www.dartzone.com ******
  • Let the games begin with the Adventure Force Tactical Strike Titanium Ball Blaster! This set includes the gear kids need to kick their next battle royal up a notch. When they are heading out onto the battlefield, kids will feel confident with this blaster at hand and can choose from three interchangeable color markers to identify their squad allegiance. Will they be a driving force on the red, blue or green squad? The markers make it easy to see who is friend and who is foe, so players can take down their opponents with efficiency and avoid friendly fire. The blaster is equipped with an 8-round ammo hopper that allows players to shoot with precision up to 100 feet per second. Kids can break it out for a game at the park, in the backyard or even in the backcountry. They'll feel cool and confident with this serious Strike Titanium Ball Blaster under their arm!
    • 1 Adventure Force Tactical Strike Titanium Spring Action Team Competition Ball Blaster
    • 1 8-Round Ammo Hopper
    • 8 Tactical Strike Rounds
    • 2 Customizable Team Color Markers (1 Red Squad and 1 Blue Squad)
    • Trigger-Lock
    • Tactical Strike rounds are compatible with all Tactical Strike ball blasters & most standard Nerf Rival Blasters.
    • Ages 14+

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