Octonauts - Gup Q - Undersea Explorer with KWAZII


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  • The Octonauts' Gup-Q is a search and rescue vehicle inspired by the hammerhead shark! When visibility is limited, this Gup's wide-set eyelights give the crew a better view, making it an ideal vehicle for discovering dark places like sea caves!


    The Fisher-Price Undersea Explorer Gup-Q is perfect for both land and bath rescue missions! The Gup-Q features a glow-in-the dark dorsal fin and lights that can work underwater! Octo-cadets can press the fin to activate the lights and then start their rescue mission! The Gup-Q also comes with a Kwazii figure (complete with glow-in-the-dark arms and legs), and a remipede to rescue! Kids can use the included towline and carrier to help reach and rescue the creature!


  • ​Octo-Glow! Press the glow-in-the-dark fin to activate the search lights!
  • ​Kwazii's arms and legs glow in the dark!
  • ​Includes Gup-Q, Kwazii in his Octo-Glow suit, rescue towline, rescue basket and creature!

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