Paw Patrol RESCUE TEAM - EVEREST RYDER Skye Marshall Rubble & Chase GENUINE TOYS


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  • Anyone who knows Paw Patrol and has hunted for a Genuine Licensed Everest and Ryder, knows that it is impossible to walk into an Australian store and find them on the shelves. Let alone Everest with her action pack . Add to that finding Ryder's Pup Badge, all in 1 collection, and that would be amazing!
  • Well here they are!!! and all in 1 set, with the bonus of Action Pack Skye, Chase, Rubble and Marshall to help save the day! To clarify this set comes with Action Pack; 
  • Ryder,Everest,SkyeMarshall,Rubble Super Spy Chase, andRyder's Badge Just attach Ryder's Badge to your kids clothes, and they can take the reins of this Action Pack Rescue Team, and save the day in adventure bay!

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