Bratz Dolls - Bratz Girlz Nite Out- 21st Anniversary reproduction - COMPLET SET OF 5 (CLOE, SASHA , DANA , YASMIN , JADE)


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PLEASE NOTE: - It looks like MGA Air freighted the boxes (and not container shipped in from the factory) and as such we have found as the bratz dolls packaging is triangular, that the cartons can be pressed in on the air pockets created by this triangular shape.  We have opened up 8 or so cartons that the side is pressed in a bit, and found this DOES NOT affect the dolls or their packaging in anyway. It is simply as there is no packaging in these gaps where the triangular shape product sits in the carton, that there is no resistance if the box is pressed in.


    • Original Product Description: We polled Bratz fans, and they voted to bring back the iconic, best-selling Girls Nite Out dolls! The core 4 and BFF Dana are dressed up for a night on the town. Featuring rooted eyelashes, intricate hairstyles, 3 outfits, and so many accessories, it’s easy to see why this line still resonates with fans. Now you can collect near exact replicas of these fan favorite dolls!

    • 21st Birthday Edition: In celebration of Bratz turning 21 yearz old, collect thse special Bratz Girls Nite Out fashion dolls featuring a 21st Birthday Edition motif!

    • GNO GLAM: Each doll has real eyelashes and body glitter
    • 2 NIGHTLIFE OUTFITS: Yasmin includes 2 outfits for tons of mix'n'match possibilities - one for a semi-formal party, and one for chillin' out at the after party
    • GlAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Purse , sunglasses bracelets, 2 pairs of earrings, nicklace, lip gloss, perfume bottle, blush, compact mirror, makeup brush, 2 sets of hair clips, 2 pairs of shoes and a brush
    • INCLUDES: 1 Bratz Girls Nite Out 21st Birthday Special Edition Fashion Doll, 2 outfits, 16 accessories , 2 pairs of shoes and 1 brush

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