Bratz Dolls - Bratz Girlz Nite Out- 21st Anniversary reproduction - COMPLET SET OF 5 (CLOE, SASHA , DANA , YASMIN , JADE)


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17/1/24 - We bought the last of the Nite Out line from MGA. These are factory sealed cartons. We will only sell them in full sets, as there is no more local stock.


    • Original Product Description: We polled Bratz fans, and they voted to bring back the iconic, best-selling Girls Nite Out dolls! The core 4 and BFF Dana are dressed up for a night on the town. Featuring rooted eyelashes, intricate hairstyles, 3 outfits, and so many accessories, it’s easy to see why this line still resonates with fans. Now you can collect near exact replicas of these fan favorite dolls!

    • 21st Birthday Edition: In celebration of Bratz turning 21 yearz old, collect thse special Bratz Girls Nite Out fashion dolls featuring a 21st Birthday Edition motif!

    • GNO GLAM: Each doll has real eyelashes and body glitter
    • 2 NIGHTLIFE OUTFITS: Yasmin includes 2 outfits for tons of mix'n'match possibilities - one for a semi-formal party, and one for chillin' out at the after party
    • GlAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Purse , sunglasses bracelets, 2 pairs of earrings, nicklace, lip gloss, perfume bottle, blush, compact mirror, makeup brush, 2 sets of hair clips, 2 pairs of shoes and a brush
    • INCLUDES: 1 Bratz Girls Nite Out 21st Birthday Special Edition Fashion Doll, 2 outfits, 16 accessories , 2 pairs of shoes and 1 brush

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