Bratz Dolls - TWEEVILS TWINS Collector 2 pack - Kirstee and Kaycee



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SKU: MGA-0399

29/2/24 - These started to come in today. Please note this is imported stock (as there is no more local stock ) so it comes at a premium.


Please note - The fine sticky tape on the sides can get a bit scrunched up on the journey here. Please be mindful of this when buying these.


Big news for Bratz collectors! MGA releases in 2023 for the first time in forever the Bratz Tweevils dolls as collector 2-pack!
Bratz fans can finally get Bratz Tweevils dolls Kirstee and Kaycee in their doll form.
Bratz Tweevils are one of the Bratz characters that first appear Bratz: Rock Angelz. Girls are twins and are dressed in pink outfits from head to toes. Kaycee's distinctive feature is the band-aid on the bridge of her nose.

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