Bratz Dolls - TWEEVILS TWINS Collector 2 pack - Kirstee and Kaycee


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2/10/23 - We are importing these as there is no more stock locally from MGA. Please note they come at a premium due to this.


Big news for Bratz collectors! MGA releases in 2023 for the first time in forever the Bratz Tweevils dolls as collector 2-pack!
Bratz fans can finally get Bratz Tweevils dolls Kirstee and Kaycee in their doll form.
Bratz Tweevils are one of the Bratz characters that first appear Bratz: Rock Angelz. Girls are twins and are dressed in pink outfits from head to toes. Kaycee's distinctive feature is the band-aid on the bridge of her nose.

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