BEE SWARM SIMULATOR 4"(10cm) Panda Bear Action Figure With Mystery Bee


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About this item

    GUMMY BEAR & BEE: Discover a new bee in this Series 1 set that also features Gummy Bear! Mystery bee comes in a honeycomb compartment, ready for you to hatch. Will you hatch a basic bee, ninja bee, or something else entirely?

    BEE SWARM SIMULATOR: In this Roblox game, players hatch bees to collect pollen in order to create honey. With these minifigures by your side, you can discover new bees, complete quests, fight enemies, and explore!

    GAME ROOM DECOR: Show off these charming collectibles to all of your fellow gamers! Place by your monitor, on your shelf, or in front of your alarm clock. These figures are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see them.

    COLLECT THEM ALL: There are 22 different characters in the Series 1 of action figures, including the more common bees as well as a special ultra-rare figure! Use this set to add to your hive, then keep collecting more bees!

    DETAILS: Includes 1 articulated Gummy Bear figure and 1 mystery bee in a honeycomb compartment that can link to other honeycombs. This item is genuine Bee Swarm Simulator merchandise by PhatMojo.

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