Bratz Dolls - 2021 original dolls - Rock Angelz Sasha


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 29/12/23 - We brought in a small batch of these only. We haven't been impressed with the packaging issues that happen frequently with the rock angelz lines.  For example sticky tape coming off, small cracks in the corners. The dolls themselves are good, its just the packaging. Please be mindful of that when deciding to purchase. Thankyou


  • 20 YEARZ SPECIAL EDITION: In celebration of Bratz turning 20 yearz old, collect these special edition Bratz Rock Angelz fashion dolls featuring a 20 yearz motif and collectible poster
  • FAN FAVE RERELEASE: A near exact replica of the hit rock band. Collect the iconic rockin’ looks of the girls with a passion for fashion!
  • 2 ROCKSTAR OUTFITS: Sasha includes 2 outfits for tons of mix ‘n’ match possibilities— one for rockin’ out on stage, and one for chillin’ out after the show
  • ROCKIN’ ACCESSORIES: Collectible guitar, display stand, microphone with stand, hat, and tons of jewelry
  • INCLUDES: 1 Bratz Rock Angelz 20 Yearz Special Edition Fashion Doll, 2 outfits, faux leather jacket, hat, guitar, shoes, jewelry, cell phone, sunglasses, nail polish, hair brush, and poster


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