Bratz Dolls - Minis - 2 Bratz Minis in Each Pack, MGA's Miniverse, Blind Packaging Doubles as Display, Y2K Nostalgia, Collectors - COMING SOON


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12/7/22 - We have it on good authority these aren't coming locally to australia. The cost vs margin isnt good, given they are heavier then your normal mini toy ranges (5 surprise etc)

We will bring them in from the USA for those that want them, so please sign up for notifications, and I will get updates put in this space for ETA.


About this item

  • BRATZ: You know them and you love them! The girls with a Passion for Fashion are now in mini form!
  • NOSTALGIC: Travel back in time with these fun and ICONIC Y2K favorites from MGA's Miniverse!
  • REUSABLE & BLIND PACKAGING: Each package comes with two Bratz Minis and the mystery trapezoid capsule it comes in is stackable and perfect for displaying your collection! Each package is blind so you won't know which figures you get until you unbox them!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all 24 Series 1 Bratz Minis! Each figure stands nearly 2 inches tall and comes in their original package. Visit for the collector's sheet so you can keep track of which Bratz Minis you've found!


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