Bratz Dolls - Minis SERIES 3 - 2 Mini in Each Pack, Blind Packaging Doubles as Display


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About this item

  • BRATZ: You know them and you love them! The girls with a Passion for Fashion! are in mini form by MGA’s Miniverse!
  • NOSTALGIC: Travel back in time with these fun and iconic Bratz favorites from the early 2000s!
  • NEW COLLECTIONS: For the first time ever, collect Live In Concert, Formal Funk, and Series 3 (Tiana, Fianna, Felicia, and Dana) in miniature form!
  • CALLING ALL COLLECTORS: Looking to finish your collections of Pretty ‘N’ Punk, and Tokyo a Go-Go started in Series 1 & 2? Find them now in Series 3!
  • REUSABLE & BLIND PACKAGING: Each mystery trapezoid capsule turns into a stackable display and comes with two Mini Bratz in mini replica packaging and a collector’s guide! Now in a super stylin’ new teal color! Each package is blind so you won't know which figures you get until you unbox them!


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