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8/5/24 - These have started to come in so will just put them up as they come in. 

15/5/24 - Unfortunately our import shipping bill is higher on these then previous nexus pro's so have had to increase the price by $10


Safety Warning

Please note these are high powered blasters, please play  responsibly, never point a blaster at your/another persons face. Always use a mask if battling others. People under 18, please have adult permission/supervision. The onus falls on the buyer when purchasing this item. When buying any Nerf / Dartzone / Adventure force item from OzToyStore, you are agreeing to use them in a safe and responsible manner, and you agree that OzToyStore will not be liable for any injury caused by misuse or accidental  usage, to you or others.


Product details

Adventure Force Tactical Strike Nexus Pro X Ultimate Dart Blaster delivers Pro blasting power and performance right out of the box. This Nexus Pro X is designed for ultimate speed, distance, and accuracy. The set includes 24 of the highly-accurate half-length Adventure Force Pro Darts that can shoot up to 200 feet. Activate rapid Slamfire Action, by holding down the trigger and continuously pulling back the priming slide. This blaster also includes two SCAR Barrel Tubes to boost accuracy and help you customzie your blasting experience. Recommended for ages 14+. Available only at Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart.com.
  • 35 Piece Ultimate Blaster Set: 1 Nexus Pro X Ultimate Dart Blaster and 2 Accuracy Boost SCAR Barrel Tubes
  • 2 12-Round Half-Length Pro Dart Ammo Clips and 24 Half-Length Adventure Force Pro Darts blast up to 200 Feet
  • 1 SCAR Barrel Mount, 1 Adjustable Rear Stock, 1 Spare O-Ring, 1 Rear Scope, 1 Tactical Front Sight, and 1 Pair Protective Eyewear


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