DART ZONE - MAX Dictator Ultimate Dart Blaster


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Safety Warning

Please note these are high powered blasters, please play  responsibly, never point a blaster at your/another persons face. Always use a mask if battling others. People under 18, please have adult permission/supervision. The onus falls on the buyer when purchasing this item. When buying any Nerf / Dartzone / Adventure force item from OzToyStore, you are agreeing to use them in a safe and responsible manner, and you agree that OzToyStore will not be liable for any injury caused by misuse or accidental  usage, to you or others.


  • Dart Zone Max Dictator Ultimate Dart Blaster
    • 2 12-round half-length dart cartridges
    • 1 stick cartridge extender
    • 2 detachable tactical sights
    • 24 Dart Zone Max “Ruby” half-length darts
    • 1 Max Protect eyewear gear
    • 1 muzzle brake
    • Stick magazine extender featuring double onboard capacity
    • Blast darts over 125 feet!
    • Recommended for ages 14+

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