Dart Zone - MAX Scar Barrel Pack - p/n 6117 - ACC1 - COMING SOON


SKU: PRI-3076

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14/3/24 - have a shipment of these coming end of March. Getting great reviews for accuracy enhancing. Please sign up to be notified when in stock.


About this item

  • Elevate your precision to unprecedented heights with Dart Zone’s revolutionary cross-compatible Accuracy Booster Set. This innovative set introduces a 6-line threaded scar designed to seamlessly integrate with most pro-level Dart Zone blasters and most exposed metal blaster barrels. Simply flip the scar around to ensure a perfect fit.

    But why stop there? Enhance your accuracy to unparalleled levels by swapping out the threaded scar for the first mass-market injection-molded metal-bearing scar to grace the market.

    Unlock precision accuracy. Experience Dart Zone.

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