MGA- NA NA NA SURPRISE - SERIES 4 Complete set of all 6 DOLLS ( lol surprise )


SKU: MGA-1452

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    • 2-IN-1 SURPRISE: Na! Na! Na! Surprise Series 4 Fashion Doll with Plush Animal Coin Purse. A gorgeous soft, fashion doll and purse with a clip to attach to a backpack.
    • INCREDIBLE UNBOXING EXPERIENCE: Open the package to find a real confetti balloon. Inflate the balloon with the included paper straw, then POP for a confetti surprise. Good for both traveling and everyday use. Also, it's perfect to give as a gift.
    • FANCY & CUTE: Find plush pom with Fashion Doll inside and 2 fashion surprises inside each balloon. Unzip pom purse to find a beautiful, soft, posable fashion doll with unique printed details and gorgeous hair. Soft to the touch, lightweight, and good size for a child.
    • You get the complete set of 6 from series 4 , unopened brand new , very rare. Per Purchase

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