Nerf Hyper - 50 - Round Refill Conister , Easy reload Canister 50 Nerf hyper rounds


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Nerf Hyper 50-Round Refill Canister - Includes Easy Reload Canister and 50 Official Nerf Hyper Rounds - For Use with Nerf Hyper Blasters

Stock up with this Nerf Hyper easy reload canister to keep your Nerf Hyper blaster loaded for nonstop action! The reload canister is designed so that it's quick and easy to refill Nerf Hyper blaster hoppers. Open the canister lid, open the hopper, and pour in the rounds! Maximize your battle time and minimize your down time with this Nerf Hyper easy reload canister. The canister attaches to Nerf Hyper blaster tactical rails, so you can keep additional rounds within reach to reload fast. Includes 50 Nerf Hyper rounds and canister. Eyewear recommended (not included). Blasters each sold separately.

Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

Includes: 50 rounds and canister. ( NO BLASTER INCLUDED)

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