Nerf Rival - FORERUNNER XXIII-1200 Nerf Blaster, 12 Round Capacity, 12 Nerf Rival Accu-Rounds, Adjustable Sight


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Safety Warning

Please note these are high powered blasters, please play  responsibly, never point a blaster at your/another persons face. Always use a mask if battling others. People under 18, please have adult permission/supervision. The onus falls on the buyer when purchasing this item. When buying any Nerf / Dartzone / Adventure force item from OzToyStore, you are agreeing to use them in a safe and responsible manner, and you agree that OzToyStore will not be liable for any injury caused by misuse or accidental  usage, to you or others.

Product details

They're the most accurate Nerf Rival blasters and most accurate Nerf Rival rounds ever*! The blasters include Nerf Rival Accu-Rounds, which have an improved aerodynamic design and dimple patten to provide more consistent flight. They have a rear sight designed for improved aim, and a barrel optimized with a streamlined design that's engineered for enhanced performance. The Nerf Rival Forerunner XXIII-1200 breech load blaster has pump-action priming, 12-round capacity, and fires rounds at a velocity of 90 feet per second. Improve the accuracy of your aim with the edge-glow front sight and adjustable rear sight that slides backward and forward to customize the angle. The blaster has 12-round capacity and includes 12 high-impact Nerf Rival Accu-Rounds, so you can fire 12 rounds in a row. Nerf Rival Accu-rounds are compatible with all Rival Nerf blasters. Load rounds into the breech, prime, and pull the trigger to fire a round. Includes trigger lock. Eyewear recommended (not included).

Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

Includes: blaster, 12 rounds, and instructions.

Ages 14 and up
WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face. Use of eyewear recommended for players and people within range. Use only official Rival rounds. Other rounds may not be safe. Do not modify rounds or blaster.

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*Based on data comparing precision/repeatability of blasters & rounds. Controlled testing from 30 feet (9 meters). Ability to hit target varies on factors including skill and product condition. Accu-Rounds improve accuracy in most Rival blasters.

  • MOST ACCURATE NERF RIVAL SYSTEM: Nerf Rival blasters have an aim-improving sight, optimized barrel, and Nerf Rival Accu-Rounds, making this the most accurate Nerf Rival system* for advanced precision
  • NERF RIVAL FORERUNNER XXIII-1200 BLASTER: Breech load, spring powered Nerf blaster has 12-round capacity, pump action priming, trigger lock, and fires rounds at a velocity of 90 feet per second
  • 12 NERF RIVAL ACCU-ROUNDS: The most accurate Nerf Rival rounds, with an improved aerodynamic design and dimple pattern to provide more consistent flight. Compatible with all Nerf Rival blasters
  • ADJUSTABLE REAR SIGHT FOR IMPROVED AIM: Slide the rear sight to adjust the height and improve the accuracy of your shot. Line up the rear sight with the front edge-glow sight for the perfect shot
  • OPTIMIZED BARREL: The barrel is optimized with streamlined design that's engineered for enhanced performance. Experience advanced precision in competitive games

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