Octonauts - Above and Beyond - MINIS 1.5 Inch (3.5 cm) Figurines - 1 BLIND PACK


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  • - 1 Figurine comes in a randomly assorted blind pack
  • - Collect al 8 Figurines
  • - YOU GET 1 - 3.5cm Figurine in a sealed Blind pack per purchase ( the box is purely for illustration )

    Product Details

    Bring all the fun and adventure of the Octonauts home with Octo-Minis Collectible Figures! There are 8 of the Octo-Crew for your mini adventures. These collectible 1.5 inch Figures are a must-have for all Octonauts fans, allowing you to collect all of your favorite Octonauts characters at home or on the go.

    Create your own adventures or replay your favorite moments from Octonauts Above & Beyond, or even create your own stories with your Octo-Agents using these detailed toy Figurines!

    Available characters include Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Paani, Tweak, Shellington, Tunip, Dashi, and Peso each in their unique, famous uniforms. Every Octo-Minis Figure is sealed inside a foil bag to give kids a fun and exciting unboxing experience, as they don't know who they will get until they tear open the bag!
    Collect them all and go Above & Beyond with the Octonauts!

    Suitable Ages: 3+




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