RAINBOW HIGH - Dream & Design Fashion Studio Playset. Fashion Designer Playset with Exclusive Blue Skyler Doll



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      • NSPIRE KID’S IMAGINATION: Introducing Skyler Bradshaw in her iconic RAINBOW HIGH Dream & Design Fashion Studio Playset. It comes with all the essentials: sewing machine, iron, fashion worktable, water-reveal sketch book, functional mannequin, real colorful Rainbow High fabrics and an exclusive Skyler Bradshaw doll. With this no sew fashion designer kit, you can create over 300 fashion designs. And because this playset has 40+ accessories, you can play with it over and over again.
      • 4 WAYS TO PLAY: Dream and create your own fabulous fashion designs with Skyler. The playset comes with so many ways to play. (1) No Sew Easy Fashion Kit to practice draping fabrics and creating designs. (2) Fashion Designer worktable plus the must have designer accessories for any doll to pretend to be a fashion designer (3) Water reveal designer sketchbook (4) Exclusive Skyler doll.
      • NO SEW EASY FASHION DESIGN KIT: 300+ ways to design. Includes 5 real rolls of Rainbow High fabric, a mannequin and mannequin push pins to hold the design together.
      • FASHION DESIGN DOLL WORKTABLE PLUS ACCESSORIES: Pretend to be a fashion designer just like your favorite doll, Skyler Madison. The set comes with everything your doll needs including a designer worktable, sewing machine that turns up and down, iron, scissors, pencils, push pins, coffee cup, scissors and more.
      • WATER REVEAL SKETCHBOOK: Bring Skyler’s designs to life with her design sketchbook. Just add water.
      • EXCLUSIVE DOLL: Exclusive Skyler doll who is the winner from the Rainbow High Animated Series “Project Rainbow” Fashion Design competition so kids can recreate their favorite scenes from the Animated Series.
      • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 40+ Pieces. Fashion doll, 1 complete doll outfit, 1 pairs of doll boots, 1 pair of earrings, doll stand, Water Reveal Design Sketchbook, Fashion Design Worktable plus Designer Must Haves (Sewing Machine, Iron, Pencils, push pins, Coffee Cup, Scissors, Plant), New Sew Fashion Designer Kit with 5 Rolls of Rainbow High Fabric, Mannequin and Mannequin Push-Pins to secure the different Designs.

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