RAINBOW HIGH - Fantastic Fashion - Amaya Raine Fashion Doll with 2 complete doll outfits


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    • INSPIRE KIDS TO PLAY OVER & OVER AGAIN: Rainbow High Fantastic Fashion playsets come with a doll, runway gown, 2nd casual outfit, fashion doll accessories, and a sketch book! Kids will love recreating the stories from the animated series and coming up with their own stories.
    • GORGEOUS FEATURES: Amaya is dressed in RAINBOW from head to toe. She has gorgeous, detailed features in her fashion, beautiful straight long white with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple strands in a high ponytail hair, long eye lashes and glass eyes. Collect the Rainbow of all the gorgeous Rainbow High fashion dolls.
    • MIX & MATCH 2 OUTFITS: Amaya comes wearing her gorgeous gradient rainbow dress with iridescent shine, and heels in her signature rainbow color. And a second outfit- adorable white dress with colorful threads, and trunk purse to match. Dress her in each look, mix & match them, or mix & match fashions with the other Rainbow High Fantastic Fashion playsets any way you like.
    • DESIGNER ACCESSORIES: For extra storytelling play- she comes with her sketch journal and matching pen.
    • FLEXIBLE & POSEABLE: Because she is fully articulated, she is easy to customize and fun to play with. Her head, arms, hands, and legs bend for so many fun poses, including the splits! Or you can display her on the included doll stand.



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