RAINBOW HIGH - High Color Change Pool & Beach Playset : 7-in-1 Light-Up-Multicolor Changing Pool, Adjustable Umbrella, and Pool Accessories. Fits 7 Fashion Dolls


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  • RAINBOW HIGH INSPIRES CREATIVITY & IMAGINATIVE PLAY: The beach is our playground at Pacific Coast, the most elite fine arts high school on the west coast. Here the days are sunny and the classes are poolside. Bring your Rainbow High Pacific Coast Fashion Dolls to the coolest pool playset that sparks imagination and storytelling fun. They can lounge by the pool, relax at the juice bar, or take a dip in the 7-in-1 color changing pool. Easy to operate- just fill it up with water and press the button to select your pool color (clear, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple).
  • LOUNGE IN STYLE: Hang out by the pool in the sleek lounging chairs and stay cool under the sun with the adjustable and foldable coconut print umbrella. Or take a stroll on the luxe wood deck to enjoy the view by the palm trees. This playset will give kids endless joy and imaginative storytelling entertainment.
  • CHILL BY THE POOL: Catch up after class at the juice bar while sipping on your favorite smoothies in the gorgeous bar stools and marble counter-top table with the recessed slots that hold your drinks.
  • CHOOSE YOUR POOL COLOR: Why settle for one color pool when you can have the rainbow? 7-in-1 LED Color Changing Lights.
  • 6 POOL LIGHTS TO CHOOSE FROM: The pool starts clear and then you can choose any color in the rainbow (clear, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple) or cycle through all of them!
  • You get the pool playset (no dolls) per purchase.


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