RAINBOW HIGH - MINI Accessories Studio shoes in trunk - Mix & Match on Fashion Dolls


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Please note you will get a random assortment coloured trunk per purchase . Unless you ask for a certain coloured trunk ( put a note on your order )  We will do our best if we have it . 


please note the trunk as they are smallish, can get a bit squashed, but the shoes are not affected.

Product details

Introducing the first ever Rainbow High Mini Accessories Shoes collection. These are mini mystery collectibles, with 25+ fashionable styles to collect with rare & ultra-rare pieces. These shoes fit Rainbow High fashion dolls and includes matching shoe boxes, receipts, authenticity card; so every child can have endless fun mix & matching, unboxing, and collecting.

CREATIVITY NOW: Step out in style with the new Rainbow High™ Mini Accessories Studio Shoes collection. Every gorgeous pair of shoes comes packaged in a Rainbow High™ iconic trunk box. No detail is left behind, from individual shoes boxes, to tissue paper, authenticity card, and even a receipt! With 25+ shoes surprise collectibles in this capsule, you can create the most amazing fashion looks for your Rainbow High Fashion Dolls. Collect them all!
GORGEOUS FEATURES: Each Mini Accessories Studio high-end pair of shoes are made with soft fabrics, molded charms, crystal details, embroidery, or graphic prints, and is fully functional. The come on and off the fashion dolls easily, and even have working laces.
COLLECT ALL THE FASIONABLE STYLES: From knee high boots, platform heels, sneakers to fuzzy slippers; there is full range of fashionable style in this mini capsule to collect and extend the play.  
MYSTERY COLLECTIBLES: The Mini Accessories Studio Shoes are mystery styles and include shoes from Bella Parker, Stella Monroe, Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Karma Nichols, Gabriella Icely, Skylar Bradshaw, River Kendall, Violet Willow, Krystal Bailey, Amaya Raine, and some rare & ultra-rare styles from Shadow High. Which one will you get?
RANGE OF COLLECTING WITH RARE & ULTRA-RARE: There are 27 mystery luxe Mini Accessories Studio Shoes to complete the full collection. From 14 Stylish, 4 Rare, to 9 Ultra Rare- hard to find styles. Be the first to collect them all!
MIX & MATCH FUN: The Mini Accessories Studio Shoes fit Rainbow High fashion dolls and they pair back to a Rainbow High or Shadow High Character. Create looks to their matching characters or mix and match them for even more fun. This will give kids endless joy and imaginative storytelling entertainment.
PREMIUM LUXE EXPERIENCE: Every Mini Accessories Studio Shoes has premium details & design, and includes a matching trunk box, logo shoes box, printed receipt in matching holder, G.L.A.M authenticity certificate, matching tissue paper, and logo sticker.
COLLECTIBLE, GIFTABLE PACKAGING: High End iconic trunk design and miniature designs makes its great for collecting, displaying, and gifting for all ages. These Mini Accessories Studio Shoes are a great addition to everyone’s closet.
WATCH ON YOUTUBE & NETFLIX: Watch the new episodes of the Animated Series on YouTube. And catch up from the beginning on Netflix! Just search for "Rainbow High Dolls" or “Shadow High Dolls.”
FAVORITE COLLECTION: Collect all 27 Mini Accessories Studio Shoes styles. #LETYOURTRUECOLORSSHINE.



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