Rainbow High Shadow High - OLIVER - Blue Fashion Doll BOY


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About this item

  • LET YOUR TRUE COLORS SHINE: The rainbow is for everyone, including our uniquely beautiful friends from Shadow High. This colorful fashion doll collection includes 5 girls and 1 boy, representing classic colors of the rainbow but in Shadow High’s unique muted skin tones. Each doll’s individual personality is expressed in its unique style and personal accessories.
  • BEAUTY IN BLUE: Oliver Ocean is dressed in blue from head to toe. He expresses his own style in a Shadow High Jersey over a sweater, jeans and white sneakers. He has sporty sunglasses. Plus, he has blue hair tied back in 6 braids. And she has long real eye lashes and glass eyes.
  • ACCESSORIES INSPIRE CREATIVITY: At Shadow High, all the students are creative. Oliver Ocean, a Music focus, loves to discover new musicians on his phone while playing basketball. This playset will give kids endless joy and imaginative storytelling fun.
  • FLEXIBLE & POSEABLE: Because he’s fully articulated, his head, arms, hands, and legs bend for so many fun poses, including the splits! Or you can display him on the included doll stand.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Boy Fashion doll, 1 complete doll outfits, 1 pairs of sneakers, 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 soda bottle, 1 basketball, 1 cell phone, doll stand.
  • GIFTABLE PACKAGING: The doll is packaged in a beautiful box that’s great to give as a birthday gift.
  • WATCH ON YOUTUBE and NETFLIX: Watch the Animated Series new episodes on YouTube. And catch up from the beginning on Netflix. Just search "Rainbow High Dolls."
  • PRO TIP - WASH HAIR TO REMOVE STYLING GEL: If you’d prefer to remove the styling gel, just wash her hair and let hair dry completely. Then, her hair is ready to brush.
  • EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW IS BEAUTIFUL: Collect all 6 Shadow High Fashion Dolls: Pinkie James – Pink, Scarlet Rose – Maroon, Rosie Redwood – Red, Berrie Skies – Green, Oliver Ocean – Blue, Lavender Lynne – Purple. Visit the Rainbow High Store to shop the Rainbow High and Shadow High collections. Dolls sold separately. #LETYOURTRUECOLORSSHINE.

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