SHADOW HIGH - ( rainbow high ) AINSLEY Fashion Studio Trunk Show with 400 + new looks 10 + Fashion Pieces


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Formerly known as Rainbow High Fashion Studio Refresh 2.0. play set now is called Rainbow High Trunk Show Ainsley.
Judging by the description, new Rainbow High Fashion studio 2022 will come with exclusive brand new doll Ainsley Slater from Shadow High.
This playset is a part of new Rainbow High Shadow High 2022 doll collection, that will be released in May 2022.
Ainsley Slater is upperclassman student from Rainbow High. Looks like she she's transferring to a new school now.


Ainsley Fashion Doll
Create 400+ looks with 20+ pieces including 10+ fashion pieces, 4 pairs of shoes.
Extra wearable fashion for doll (4 sets) + hangers
Fashion accessories (bracelet, purse, shoes..)
Long, brushable gorgeous hair & hair comb

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