SHADOW HIGH - ( rainbow high ) - Vision Dolls - Harley Limestone (Neon Green) with 2 Complete Mix & Match outfits + Music Assessories


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4/12/23 - Unfortunately there is no more local stock so they have to be imported so come at a premium.


GORGEOUS FEATURES: Harley has a unique design and is dressed in neon green and black from head to toe. She has gorgeous, detailed features in her fashion, beautiful straight green hair with two thin braids, muted skin tone with neon green accents, long real eye lashes and glass eyes. Collect the Rainbow of all the Rainbow Vision- Neon Shadow fashion dolls.
2 MIX & MATCH FASHION: Harley comes dressed in graphic terry sweater, color-block biker shorts with graphic prints on the side, high top sneakers with lacing details, and cat ears headband. She also comes with a second complete outfit for mix and match fun. Faux fur jacket with shadow embroidery details, neon green sequins top, denim with printed graphics and embroidery designs, and combat boots with studs.
NEON SHADOW ROCKBAND INTRUMENTS: Harley comes with all her essential rockstar play pieces including a mic + stand + studded mic scarf, and matching amp set with stud details + cord. She’s even personalized it with a shadow graphic to pair back to her performance outfit. This playset will give kids endless joy and imaginative storytelling entertainment.

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