ZURU - 5 Surprise - Mini Brands TOYS - collector case


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SKU: 001006

Collect, store and display your Toy Mini Brand collection with the 5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Collector’s Case! Each case can store up to 30 of the best miniature toys, like Rubik’s cubes, Spongebob figurines, Crayola markers, and Jojo Siwa headbands. Every Collector’s Case comes with 4 exclusive minis. What will you unbox?

Product Features:

  • Store & display your collection: Each Collector's Case can hold up to 30 Toy Mini Brands. Perfect for carrying, storing, and displaying your collection.
  • 4 Exclusive minis inside: Each Collector’s Case has 4 minis inside that you can’t find anywhere else. What mystery minis will you unbox?!
  • Fits your favourite mini toys: Store and display your Toy Mini Brands collection including mini Rubik’s cubes, Spongebob figurines, Crayola markers, Jojo Siwa headbands and more!
  • Collect the range: There are 60+ miniature toys to collect. Unbox more Toy Mini Brands capsules to find them all!

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