Octonauts - Above and Beyond - Captain Barnacles Figurine + GUP A Vehicle Playset


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  • Recreate Octonauts Missions: Save the Florida Box Turtle with 3" Captain Barnacles and the iconic Gup-A
  • Iconic Gup-A from Octonauts Above & Beyond.
  • Spinning propeller, opening Rescue Net and opening Octo-Hatch to save and rescue the Turtle.
  • 4 Piece Pack: Explore all water environments with Captain Barnacles, Gup-A, Florida Box Turtle & Mission Card.
  • Works with Playsets and other Octonauts Figures & Vehicles.

Product Details

Recreate your favourite Octonauts Above & Beyond adventures with Captain Barnacles and the iconic Gup-A. This awesome Figure and Vehicle Set includes a detailed 3" Catain Barnacles Figure. The Gup-A is shaped like an Angler Fish and is suitable for all water environments. Place Captain Barnacles inside the Gup-A and speed off with the Propeller, save the Florida Box Turtle with the Net and take them to safety in the Gup-A's hatch. Every pack also has a MIsiion Card which reveals the type of mission your Octonaut needs to complete. All pieces work with other Octonauts Playsets, Figures & Vehicles. Collect them all and build up the world of The Octonauts at home!

Suitable Ages: 3+




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