Octonauts - Above and Beyond - OCTOPOD Playset with Captain Barnacles


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  • -Adventure Above & Beyond with the iconic Octocrew HQ - the Octopod Playset!
  • -Includes Net Launcher, Claw and Spyglas accessory.
  • -Exclusive Captain Barnacles 3" Figure and Helmet.
  • -6 Piece Set: Exclusive Captain Barnacles Figure, 3 Creatures, Octopod & Mission Card.
  • -Works with all Figures, Gups and Terra-Gups.


    Adventure Above & Beyond with the iconic Octocrew HQ - the Octopod Playset. The Octopod is the perfect home for your Octocrew, Gups & Terra-Gups and features a Net Launcher that can be launched from the top of the Octopod or removed for launching away from the HQ!

    There is also a Claw that attaches to the Figures to rescue creatures and also comes with a Spyglass accessory. Slide into action down the Slide with the 3" Captain Barnacles Action Figure! He is wearing his exclusive Deep Sea Diving Suit and removable Deep Sea Helmet.

    The Playset also features 3 Creatures (Vampire Squid, Starfish, Slime Eel) and a Mission Card to create your own adventure. All pieces work with other Octonauts Playsets, Figures & Vehicles. Collect them all and build up the world of The Octonauts at home!




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