RAINBOW HIGH - COCO VANDERBALT - SERIES 4 - Rainbow Fashion Doll with 2 Complete Mix & Match outfits


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  • AN INCLUSIVE SELECTION OF DOLLS: Each new Rainbow High fashion doll series includes characters with a range of unique and beautiful features, skin tones, and fashion choices that represent differences we see all around us. In only 2 short years, Rainbow High has introduced an influential fashion doll line that has grown to represent more than 30 unique head sculpts, 20+ skin tones, and a wide range of unique eye shapes.
  • GORGEOUS FEATURES: Coco Vanderbalt has a unique design and is dressed in COBALT BLUE from head to toe. She has gorgeous detailed features in her fashion, beautiful curled hair and baby hairs, long eye lashes and glass eyes. Collect the Rainbow of all the gorgeous Rainbow High fashion dolls.
  • 2 MIX & MATCH OUTFITS: Coco comes with 2 complete doll outfits with doll clothes, doll shoes and doll accessories. Dress her in each look, then mix & match the outfits and accessories to spark imagination and storytelling fun.
  • TRENDSETTER FASHIONS: Coco’s focus is digital media and goal is to be the best promoter or hype-woman. She is amazing at making everyone believe in themselves as much as she believes in them. She comes wearing a patterned top with cord lacing, color-block skirt, heeled sandals, and RH sunglasses. Her second outfit is a jacket with metallic silver studs and graphic patches, dress with cord details, and matching heeled sandals.
  • POSE HER ON DOLL STAND: She's fully articulated and posable, her arms and legs bend for so many glamourous poses or you can display her on the included doll stand.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Fashion doll, 2 complete doll outfits, 2 pairs of doll shoes, and doll accessories, doll comb, 2 hangers and a doll stand.
  • WATCH ON YOUTUBE & NETFLIX: Watch the new episodes of the Animated Series on YouTube. And catch up from the beginning on Netflix! Just search for "Rainbow High Dolls" or “Shadow High Dolls.”
  • PRO TIP - WASH HAIR TO REMOVE STYLING GEL: When first unboxing the doll, you can wash her hair thoroughly to remove styling gel and let hair dry completely. Then, her hair is ready to brush.
  • COLLECT THE RAINBOW: Collect all 6 Rainbow High Fashion Dolls: Mila Berrymore, Meena Fleur, Deliah Fields, Jewel Richie, Coco Vanderbalt, Lila Yamamoto. Visit the Rainbow High Store to shop the amazing Rainbow High and Shadow High Collections.

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