RAINBOW HIGH - COSTUME BALL Shadow High – Eliza McFee (Light Blue) Fashion Doll. 11 inch Fairy themed Costume and Accessories


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PLEASE NOTE - In the interest of transparency, these are imported from the USA, and travel some 20000+ km air freighted. The packaging is very good and the design of the boxes are good. We have noticed the corners of the boxes can have very minor dents on them. Outside of that compared to say monster high boxes , they held up very well during transit. As the small dents are very minor we will not accept returns for minor packaging wear.


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THE COSTUME BALL COMPETITION IS FIERCE. Right before the Rainbow Vision™ Semi-Finals Music Competition, the schools are all invited to a Costume Ball to have some fun and some friendly competition. But don’t be fooled, the Rainbow Vision™ Costume Ball is nearly as fierce as the Rainbow Vision Music competition itself. Which school are you rooting for? Rainbow High or its archrival Shadow High?

FAIRY COSTUME THEMED:  Eliza McFee™ can't wait to show off her magical skills at the Rainbow Vision™ Costume Ball. She is such a special effects pro that you’d think her fairy wings were real. And she paired them with the perfect light blue dress covered with delicate blue flowers.
GORGEOUS FEATURES: Eliza McFee is dressed in LIGHT BLUE from head to toe. She has gorgeous, detailed features in her fashion, beautiful long light blue shimmery hair with a crown braid and bangs, long nails, long eye lashes and glass eyes. Collect all the gorgeous Rainbow High & Shadow High Costume Ball themed fashion dolls.
TRENDSETTER FASHIONS: Eliza wearing a light blue tulle dress with silver glitter, satin lining and beautiful die cut florals in chiffon with beads. And her dress is embroidered with black thread iridescent organza that says “Shadow High School” in french.  Heels with molded bows. Teardrop earrings with faux diamonds and pearls.
POSE HER ON DOLL STAND: She's fully articulated and posable, her arms and legs bend for so many glamourous poses or you can display her on the included doll stand.
GIFTABLE & COLLECTIBLE: This luxe collector box is perfect for gifting and displaying. The special edition box arrives closed. It features a gorgeous illustration on the front and closes with a velcro on the side. Once opened, it unveils the Rainbow Vision™ Costume Ball Rainbow High Fashion Doll.
WHAT'S INCLUDED: Fashion doll, 1 complete doll outfit, 1 pair of doll shoes, 1 doll comb, doll stand and FAIRY costume themed accessories and accents to the outfit.
WATCH ON YOUTUBE & NETFLIX: Watch the new episodes of the Animated Series on YouTube. And catch up from the beginning on Netflix! Just search for "Rainbow High Dolls" or “Shadow High Dolls.”
PRO TIP - WASH HAIR TO REMOVE STYLING GEL: When first unboxing the doll, you can wash her hair thoroughly to remove styling gel and let hair dry completely. Then, her hair is ready to brush.


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