Octonauts - Above and Beyond - Kwazii Deluxe Figure Adventure pack


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  • Recreate Octonauts Missions: 2.8” Kwazii Figure with moveable arms and legs.
  • Pack based on Octonauts Above and Beyond Episode - "The Octonauts and the Mountain River Cave".
  • Includes Mini Environment and Creature to rescue so you can create your own Octonauts adventures.
  • 4 Piece Pack: Explore the Caves with Kwazii in their Cave Suit.
  • Works with Playset and other Octonauts Figures & Vehicles.
  • Works with all Figures, Gups and Terra-Gups.

Product Details

Recreate your favorite Octonauts Above & Beyond scenes and adventures with Octonauts Adventure Packs. Each one is an "Episode In A Box"! Every pack is based around a popular Octonauts episode. In this Adventure Pack Kwazii is in his Cave Suit. Sound the Octo-Alert & explore the mountain cave and rescue a lost Indochinese Tiger in Octonauts Above and Beyond episode - "The Octonauts and the Mountain River Cave". Each pack includes a 2.8" deluxe Kwazii Figure with moving arms and legs, Cave, Tiger and a Mission Card. Kids will love to recreate the episode from the series using these fabulous toys or create their own adventure with the enclosed Mission Card. Choose from 4 different Adventure Packs! All pieces works with other Octonaut Playsets, Figures & Vehicles. Collect them all and build up the world of The Octonauts at home!

Octonauts Above & Beyond is not only a program full of fun, exciting adventures with the Octo-Crew but it is also loaded with educational content about animals, the environment & more. It teaches children about the fragility of our amazing planet and how we need to care for it and its creatures.

Suitable Ages: 3+




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