SHADOW HIGH - Complete set of 6 Fashion Dolls ( Heather , Nicole , Luna , Shanelle , Ash, Natasha )


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18/9/23 - We have full sets of these coming well in time for christmas, so have put them up for preorder. They are being so imported . So buy yours now and they will ship as soon as they land , well in time for christmas. (should be shipped early october)


YOU GET ALL 6 SHADOW HIGH DOLLS per purchase on this listing (we made this listing to make it easier if want to buy the complete set of 6)

  • INSPIRE KIDS IMAGINATION: Rainbow High, has officially met its match. Shadow High is tired of Rainbow High winning (and manipulating) everything. This year, Shadow High will no longer be the arts school hidden in the shadows. Here, the talent is unwavering, and the creativity is unmatched. Expect the unexpected from the fine art students of Shadow High. These students may thrive in the shadows, but they always let their true colors shine.
  • You get the complete set of 6 , in their individual packaging, sent in 1 shipment.
  • Heather Grayson
  • Nicole Steel
  • Luna Madison
  • Shanelle Onyx
  • Ash Silverstone
  • Natasha Zuma

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