SHADOW HIGH - Reina Glitch - Purple Fashion Doll. Fashionable Outfit & 10+ colorful Play Accessories


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      • LET YOUR TRUE COLORS SHINE: Rainbow High, leading global fashion doll brand and hit animated YouTube series, is the colorful, modern fashion doll brand that encourages creativity, celebrates diversity, and embraces inclusivity — each and every day. Together as friends, Rainbow High and Shadow High let their true colors shine.
      • EXPRESS YOUR OWN STYLE: Reina “Glitch” Crowne is dressed in purple, white, and black from head to toe. She expresses her own style in a rainbow glitch matching top and (one-piece) leggings + shoes, black dress with shimmery sequin details, and fun accessories. And she has beautiful purple straight long hair in a high ponytail, long real eye lashes and glass eyes.
      • CREATIVITY: At Shadow High, the students are creative, and express their passions through their focus. Reina “Glitch” is a Fashion Designer. She comes with fun accessories for hosting Rainbow Vision music contest or touching up the models before the runway: Mic + stand, adorable cellphone + case, and make-up pallet. This playset will give kids endless joy and imaginative storytelling fun.
      • FLEXIBLE: Because she's fully articulated, she’s easy and fun to play with. Her head, arms, hands, and legs bend for so many fun poses, including the splits! Or you can display her on the included doll stand.
      • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Fashion doll, complete doll outfit, a pair of doll shoes, doll accessories, Mic + stand, cellphone + case, make-up pallet, and doll stand.

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